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How to Print On Transfer Paper for T-shirts

Whether you are new or have been in the t-shirt printing business for a while, you understand the importance of transfer paper. This is what makes it easy for you to print on those t-shirts and grow your business effortlessly.

However, the process of printing on transfer papers is not easy, and it requires a lot of concentration and skills to master. For you to get great results on that t-shirt, the secret is completely on how you print the transfer paper first, then the heating process.

Here are a few step-by-step tips for printing on the transfer paper for t-shirts.

Choose the Right Transfer Paper

There are several types of transfer papers on the market. Some of the types include heat transfer vinyl, inkjet transfer papers, laser transfer papers, sublimation transfer papers, and so on. Therefore, before you randomly pick and start printing on the transfer paper, ensure you get the right one depending on your machine.

All the transfer papers work effectively when used on their appropriate printers. For instance, if you are using an inkjet printing machine, choosing inkjet transfer paper is perfect over using laser transfer paper. The same applies when you are using sublimation or laser transfer papers.

Additionally, while still on choosing the right paper, it is good to know which transfer paper works best for which type of fabric. There are transfer papers that work best on dark-colored materials while there are others perfect for light-colored fabric.

Choose the Right Machine

Heat press machines are quite numerous on the market. However, not any machine will be suitable for your project or will ensure you achieve quality results.

Therefore, before you commit to invest in a particular machine or start your business with it, think of your project and expectations. If you are planning to take over the t-shirt printing business with transfer papers, finding the right machine is the first bold move.

The Fabric

When you talk of transfer papers, obviously, the fabric has to be mentioned in one way or the other. Before you start designing your image or the process of printing, the first and most critical aspect is to ensure you have the right fabric.

Not all fabrics will work with your heat press. If, therefore, your fabric is thin or the material is synthetic, be sure it will not work with your heat press machine. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you choose your fabric correctly. Some of the fabrics that are convenient for almost all heat press machines include polyester, lycra, cotton, spandex, and nylon.

Prepare the Design

Printing on transfer papers is not quite different from any other printing. However, since you will be printing on the paper then transfer on the t-shirt, it is essential to ensure that you print your images in an inverted style. Also, ensure to print on the proper side for easy and clear image transfer.


The printing heat press printing business is quite convenient, provided you follow the right steps and use the right materials. Additionally, before you print your final copy on the t-shirt, its ideal to start by printing samples to test your skills.